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Heavy Duty Battery Cables for XJ's

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Special features our cables offer. * Custom made cable that use DUAL INSULATED JACKETING TECHNOLOGY The inner jacket uses a vinyl separator of high contrast color that is applied between the conductor and outer sheath for your added safety. This provides increased insulation, added flexibility, and allows you to easily identify damage or wear. The outer jacket is a TYPE TPE (FT1). * All our cable set include MIL-SPEC battery clamps that offer the best method to attach additional electrial items and offer a superior clamping force to the battery. * All our cables use full tinned heavy duty copper lugs that are double crimmped and sealed with MIL-SPEC heat shrink. * Our cables are rated for - 49°C to 105°C (-49F to +221F), 600 Volt Rating, halogen containing flame retardant. The cables are resistant to oil, water, acid, gas, ozone, cuts, tears and abrasion. * All our cables are larger then stock and we offer a two year warranty for our cables.