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Our company has been boring out throttle bodies for Jeep 4.0L engines almost a decade. We have learned many things about throttle bodies and have improved and refined our process over the years.

We are starting to see aging stock throttle bodies so we decided that is was time to introduce our brand new machined 62mm throttle body!

Why not just bore out the stock throttle body to 62mm you ask? One simple reason,"CRACKS".

Over the years we have bored them out to 62mm and we have seen quite a few cracks in the stock housings. The stock housings are cast and some have air pockets and other defects which may result in a crack within the body.

Another thing we had to consider was the fact that bearings and seals in the stock throttle body are starting to degrade. Some of the cores our customers have returned to us had to be scrapped because the throttle shaft bearings have worn or failed and parts were corroded. Replacing the bearings was considered but due to the high amount of time required, it was too cost prohibitive.

Our solution was simple, make a direct replacement and keep the cost down. We started with a brand new CNC (or computer aided design) machined throttle body and bored it to 62mm.

Our brand new throttle body

To further keep the cost down for our customers we are going to offer our throttle body as a kit.  You will provide your stock throttle body core and some parts off the it to complete the kit. We have now completed our testing of the throttle bodies and are ready to show off the features!

  • New fully machined body using 6061-T6-51 Aluminum that is strong, stressed relived and will not fail under off roading conditions.
  • Improved performance (62 mm opening)
  • All new parts (new bearings, new seals, new brass fitting for MAP sensor, new stainless steel throttle plate screws and throttle plate).
  • Fully anodized for protection from corrosion.
  • No external modifications required. All the stock parts will work.
  • Best price available for this type of performance!
  • American made and designed.

Download instructions on how to install the new throttle body:


This throttle body will retail for $209.99, but for a limited time we will have a special introductory price of $175.00

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.  You can also order online at our store.

415-225-7678 9-5 PST